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Whither Zimbabwe? A few reflections on 2017 as 2018 approaches

Senator David Coltart Opinion 31st December 2017 For the last two years I have warned that Zimbabwe was facing a perfect storm – the unique convergence of several factors which could tear the country apart. The eye of that storm hit Zimbabwe in mid November and although it tore down the house of Robert Mugabe, […]

The last time Robert Mugabe faced impeachment in Parliament – 25th October 2000

Senator David Coltart 21st November 2017 Just over 17 years ago, on the 25th October 2000, I was present in the House of Assembly when the late (and great) Gibson Sibanda tabled the first impeachment motion against Robert Mugabe. The Speaker then was none other than Emmerson Mnangagwa who ensured that the petition just faded […]

Has the military “comported to the dictates and mores of constitutionalism”? – statement by Senator David Coltart

Senator David Coltart 20th November 2017 Last night, amongst other things, Robert Mugabe said in his remarkable address, and I quote, “the Command element (the military) remained respectful, and comported to the dictates and mores of constitutionalism”. There is no doubt in my mind that Mugabe in that statement was trying to cleanse the military […]

Senator David Coltart is speaking on lessons to be learnt from Zimbabwe’s economic collapse In Sydney on the 10th August 2017

Details of Senator David Coltart’s book launch in Sydney on the 10th August 2017

Details of Senator David Coltart’s book launch in Canberra on the 9th August 2017

Details of Senator David Coltart’s book launch in Melbourne on the 8th August 2017

Details of Senator Coltart’s book launch in Perth on the 7th August 2017

‘THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES’ 50 Years of Tyranny in Zimbabwe’ by David Coltart. A contrarian view.

Africa Unauthorised By Hannes Wessels 22nd October 2016 David Coltart is a man who I have long held in high regard. Courageous and principled, he has been at the fore in the dangerous struggle for meaningful change in Zimbabwe and all of us who want better for Zimbabwe are indebted to him. However, reading […]

Why the allegations of sexual assault levelled against Donald Trump should concern us all

Senator David Coltart Blog 15th October 2016 In December 1983 the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace instructed me to record statements from hundreds of women victims of Gukurahundi at St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral in Bulawayo. I record the event at page 151 of my book “The Struggle Continues : 50 years of tyranny in […]