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A peek into David Coltart’s bookshelf

The Standard 17th November 2015 Literary Forum by Bookworm In the past few weeks, I have reached out to many individuals — politicians, radio personalities, academics, lawyers and churchmen — asking them to share books that they read or helped make them who they are. The responses have been underwhelming, if at all. It could […]

Bloated Cabinet weighs on Zim

Mail and Guardian By Herbert Moyo 18 September 2015 Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s latest Cabinet reshuffle, his fourth since December, has increased the size of his government to a staggering 66 ministers and their deputies. Analysts described the move as further proof of Mugabe’s preoccupation with costly patronage politics while Zimbabwe is groaning under a […]

Makorokoto, Amhlophe Archer Clothing

Blog by David Coltart May 1 2015 Yesterday the Mayor of Bulawayo launched Archer Clothing’s “Employment ladder” which notifies the public of the current employment levels of Archer Clothing Company at its prominent site on the Plumtree Road. The Mayor pulled the indicator up to 500, being the number of people now employed there and […]

Comment by Senator David Coltart regarding President Mugabe’s reversal of Finance Minister Chinamasa’s civil service bonus policy

Comment by Senator David Coltart April 20 2015 Poor old Patrick Chinamasa, Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister, has been forced to eat humble pie by President Mugabe this weekend. Having announced that the civil service annual bonus would not be paid in 2015 and 2016 as part of government’s austerity measures, Chinamasa was put down very publicly […]

The Global Search for Education: Got Mobile? Get it Right! By C. M. Rubin 21st September 2014 “Globally, more than 6.5 billion mobile contracts exist today. If each person has two contracts, then mobile is already in the hands of around half the world.” — Gavin Dykes The latest Education Fast Forward debate (EFF11) focused on which elements we should consider when we create […]

A report on a conference “Detecting and Deterring Electoral Fraud and Malpractices in Africa”

The Electoral Integrity Project By Dr Ferran Martinez i Coma of the Electoral Integrity Project, University of Sydney 19th May 2014 A conference “Detecting and Deterring Electoral Fraud and Malpractices in Africa” was held in Windhoek (Namibia) from 12 to 15 May.  The event was organized by the Hanns Seidel Foundation and the Institute for Public Policy Research and it […]

Namibian Electoral law reforms under scrutiny

New Era By Mathias Haufiku 17th May 2014   WINDHOEK – The Electoral Commission of Namibia  (ECN) is not impressed with lawmakers scrambling to amend the electoral law only during an election year. “For those of us who are believers in democracy and governance I must admit that changing laws in an election year is not […]

Blog – The Zimbabwean public have a right to know about the situation at Tokwe-Mukorsi Dam

Blog By David Coltart 11th February 2014 A top South African based specialist dam engineer has studied the photographs of Tokwe Mukorsi and has made these remarks. They are very technical but do convey the seriousness of the situation: “Tokwe-Mukorsi Dam is a concrete faced rockfill, or “CFRD”. This dam type comprises a rockfill embankment, […]

Blog – What is Zimbabwe Cricket’s stance regarding the ICC plans to concentrate power in the so called big 3 of Cricket?

Blog By Senator David Coltart 7th February 2014 I am very concerned about what is happening in the ICC and the vote which will take place tomorrow in Singapore which may affect the future of Zimbabwe Cricket. The big 3 (finance wise that is) in world cricket India, Australia and England have proposed a new system […]

Mounting sceptism over freeing of airwaves

The Zimbabwe Independent 24th January 2014 By Paidamoyo Muzulu Government will issue 25 radio licences in the next two months amid fears that only the applications of those affiliated to Zanu PF will be successful, further tightening the party’s stranglehold on the airwaves in the countdown to 2018 general elections. The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe […]