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“The Zimbabwean crisis exposes the Democratic Alliance’s hypocrisy” – opines Andile Lungisa

Daily Maverick By Andile Lungisa – the former deputy president of the ANC, Eastern Cape 30th November 2017 Sometimes foreign policy reveals much more about a political actor’s position on critical questions in domestic policy than the position they adopt on such matters at home. Foreign policy, it has become trite to observe, is the […]

Coltart laments low voter registration in Bulawayo

Bulawayo News 24 By Takudzwa Chiwara 30th November 2017 The low registration of voters in Bulawayo is of great concern, says former Minister of Education David Coltart. Coltart attributed voter apathy in Bulawayo to low morale and relocation to greener pastures abroad. As of November, 22, Bulawayo registered 114 389 voters, representing 27,9 percent of […]

It’s astonishing to see Chombo in leg irons, says Coltart

Bulawayo 24 News By Simbarashe Sithole 27th November 2017 The arrest of former Finance Minister Ignatious Chombo over a litany of graft-related allegations has been described by former Minister of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture David Coltart as the following of legal channels. “It is astonishing to see former Minister Chombo in leg irons. At […]

Emmerson Mnangagwa: just like Robert Mugabe — but younger, richer and even crueller

The Sunday Times Christina Lamb in Matabeleland November 26 2017 Zimbabweans old enough to recall the early days have reason to fear the new president When Blessing Chebundo watched the crowds cheering and dancing at the inauguration of Zimbabwe’s new president on Friday, he wondered if it was time to leave the country. Chebundo, the […]

Suddenly, Zimbabwe’s biggest newspaper can print exactly what it wants. It’s harder than it sounds.

Washington Post By Kevin Sieff 25 November 2017 HARARE, Zimbabwe —For 37 years, it was the official newspaper of Robert Mugabe. Then, this month, the staff of the Zimbabwe Herald got an impossible assignment: They would have to cover the downfall of their benefactor. In the days after Mugabe was detained by the military, editors […]

New leader vows Zimbabwe recovery

Arkansas Online 25th November 2017 Zimbabwe’s newly inaugurated president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, said democratic elections will be held on time next year and pledged to lead the revival of the economically distressed southern African nation. “We dare not squander this moment,” Mnangagwa, 75, told supporters at the 68,000-seat national sports stadium in Harare, the capital. “I […]

Will Mnangagwa be an Milosevic or Gorbachev?

Bulawayo 24 24th November 2017 Former Zimbabwean cabinet minister, David Coltart, told a South African radio station, Power 98.7, that Zimbabwe President-designate, Emmerson Mnangagwa’s history shows that he was Robert Mugabe’s point man and that is why ‘we don’t have the champagne out.’ “We place a tiny bit of hope in him. We wait to […]

Zimbabwe Finance Minister Chombo admitted to hospital with serious injuries

BBC 24th November 2017 BBC reports that Robert Mugabe’s finance minister Ignatius Chombo has been admitted to hospital after beatings he received in military custody. His lawyer Lovemore Madhuku reportedly said that Chombo has injuries to his hands, legs and back and was blindfolded throughout his week in custody. Chombo was accused of corruption and […]

The long and troubling history of Zimbabwe’s new president Emmerson Mnangagwa

The Globe and Mail By Geoffrey York 24th November 2017 After 37 years of Robert Mugabe’s autocratic rule, Zimbabwe’s new president Emmerson Mnangagwa has taken office with an inaugural speech in which he vowed to revive the battered economy, attract foreign investment and provide compensation to the thousands of farmers whose land was seized on […]

Mnangagwa vows to rebuild Zimbabwe and serve all citizens

Reuters By Emelia Sithole-Matarise 24th November 2017 New President Emmerson Mnangagwa laid out a grand vision on Friday to revitalise Zimbabwe’s ravaged economy and vowed to rule on behalf of all the country’s citizens. Sworn in days after the overthrow of Robert Mugabe, the 75-year-old former security chief promised to guarantee the rights of foreign […]