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The last time Robert Mugabe faced impeachment in Parliament – 25th October 2000

Senator David Coltart 21st November 2017 Just over 17 years ago, on the 25th October 2000, I was present in the House of Assembly when the late (and great) Gibson Sibanda tabled the first impeachment motion against Robert Mugabe. The Speaker then was none other than Emmerson Mnangagwa who ensured that the petition just faded […]

Zimbabwe’s strange crisis is a very modern kind of coup

The Guardian By Jason Burke 21st November 2017 Historically, African takeovers have been seismic and violent, but now participants are more wary of international opinion It looked like a coup from a movie: a convoy of armoured vehicles, the president under house arrest, and the general on the nation’s screens talking of “restoring stability” in […]

Has the military “comported to the dictates and mores of constitutionalism”? – statement by Senator David Coltart

Senator David Coltart 20th November 2017 Last night, amongst other things, Robert Mugabe said in his remarkable address, and I quote, “the Command element (the military) remained respectful, and comported to the dictates and mores of constitutionalism”. There is no doubt in my mind that Mugabe in that statement was trying to cleanse the military […]

Zimbabwe in confusion as Robert Mugabe ignores latest deadline to leave

The Guardian By Jason Burke 20th November 2017 Draft impeachment motion published by Zanu-PF party but support of opposition parties may be necessary after arrest or flight of some MPs Robert Mugabe faces being stripped of his office by parliament if he does not resign as president within days, as the political crisis triggered by […]

Zimbabwe’s parliament to vote on Mugabe impeachment

Gulf Times 20th November 2017 Members of Zimbabwe’s parliament will vote on whether to impeach President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday, the ruling Zanu-PF party said, after he failed to obey its ultimatum to step down. “The party has instructed the chief whip to proceed with impeachment proceedings against [Robert Gabriel] Mugabe as it has not […]

Much of our current euphoria in Zimbabwe is misplaced – statement by Senator David Coltart

Daily Maverick 19th November 2017 Opinion by David Coltart The message to the Zimbabwe Defence Force must now be – thank you for cleaning up the mess you created but you must now return to your barracks as soon as possible and never again get involved in the electoral process. As I have reflected about […]

“An opportunity for Zimbabwe to embrace democracy” – op ed by David Coltart

The Telegraph 17th November 2017 Op ed by David Coltart For the last eighteen months I have been warning of a gathering perfect storm in Zimbabwe – the unique convergence of several factors including Robert Mugabe’s frailty, his inability to hold his own party together, disunity in the opposition, a collapsing economy, a region distracted […]

Zimbabwe faces a grave constitutional crisis – op ed by David Coltart

Daily Maverick 16th November 2017 By David Coltart Zimbabwe faces a grave constitutional crisis. For all the ambiguity in General Constantine Chiwenga’s statement this week it challenges President Robert Mugabe either to turn his back on his wife and other members of the G40 faction or to face the wrath of the military. In reality […]

‘Zimbabwe’s succession race is far from over’

The Zimbabwe Mail 8th November 2017 On Monday, President Robert Mugabe fired his vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa, sending shock waves through Zimbabwe’s political establishment. “I think that this is one of the most significant political events since independence,” said David Coltart, a prominent opposition leader and former education minister. Of course, over nearly four decades in […]

Mugabe’s axing of his deputy might be the first gusts of the ‘perfect storm’

The Daily Maverick By PETER FABRICIUS 7th November 2017 Zimbabweans and the region are holding their breath to see if Emmerson Mnangagwa’s powerful supporters in the military will accept what is widely regarded as Robert Mugabe’s rash decision to fire his erstwhile trusted henchman. Shades of Salome. On Monday President Robert Mugabe indulged his wayward […]