Coltart almost run over in incident: Reckless driver opposes traffic

The Chronicle

By Nqobile Tshili

11th March 2017

Former Education Minister David Coltart was almost run over by a reckless driver who was driving on the wrong side of the road in Bulawayo yesterday.

Mr Coltart posted the road rage video on Facebook showing the driver of a white Mercedes Benz C Class registration number ADA 8205 almost running him over.

He had to jump to safety while the Mercedes Benz sped off.

The incident occurred at the intersection of Cecil Avenue and Banff Road in Hillside suburb while Mr Coltart was driving his daughter to school.

The road rage incident occurred as the road was partially closed due to an accident.

In the video, other motorists are seen patiently waiting for their chance to pass, but the Mercedes Benz driver crosses a continuous white line, blocking vehicles in the oncoming traffic lane.

Mr Coltart is seen getting out of his vehicle to try and engage the driver who arrogantly drives off, almost hitting the politician and a woman.

“As I was walking back around the front of his car, he saw a small gap to the left and that was when he tried to run me over forcing his way through.

Fortunately I was able to step aside and so was not injured, but his intention was clear and his car rammed my knees. Had I stood my ground, or been less agile, he would have kept going. He drove round the accident and off into the distance,” said Mr Coltart.

He said he managed to identify the vehicle 15 minutes later and recorded its number plates before reporting the matter to the police.

“The car involved is a white Mercedes Benz registration number ADA 8205. If anyone knows the identity of owner please let me know as that will help the police in their investigations and in the civil action I may take against this arrogant and dangerous young man,” Mr Coltart said.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said the case had not reached her office.

She however, called on motorists to observe the rules of the road.

“Motorists should know that the roads are not meant for individuals and drivers should respect the rules of the road. There is no motorist who is better than the other,” Insp Simango said. The Chronicle