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Zimbabwe faces ‘a national health crisis’ as lack of drugs worsens spread of cholera and typhoid

IB Times 26 October 2016 An acute and growing shortage of medicines in Zimbabwe is aggravating the spread of deadly infections typhoid and cholera across the country, as the ailing economy worsens the nation’s failing public health system. Zimbabweans are still reeling from the economic and humanitarian crisis of 2008/2009 when more than 4,280 died […]

‘Key lessons have been learnt’: Shock as ZANU PF candidate loses by-election

News24 Correspondent 24th October 2016 Harare – Just what are the “key lessons” that President Robert Mugabe’s party has learnt from its shock loss of a by-election this weekend? Local Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere confirmed in a tweet that Zanu-PF had lost the Norton constituency – despite the 5 000 free housing stands handed out […]

‘THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES’ 50 Years of Tyranny in Zimbabwe’ by David Coltart. A contrarian view.

Africa Unauthorised By Hannes Wessels 22nd October 2016 David Coltart is a man who I have long held in high regard. Courageous and principled, he has been at the fore in the dangerous struggle for meaningful change in Zimbabwe and all of us who want better for Zimbabwe are indebted to him. However, reading […]

Cephas Msipa: One of Zimbabwe’s greatest patriots

Financial Gazette By Senator David Coltart 20th October 2016 CEPHAS Msipa’s death this week has robbed Zimbabwe of one of her greatest statesmen and patriots. Although I first only got to meet him in 1994, he became a valued friend, a wise counsellor and an inspirational figure in my life. Although Msipa has captured the […]

Why the allegations of sexual assault levelled against Donald Trump should concern us all

Senator David Coltart Blog 15th October 2016 In December 1983 the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace instructed me to record statements from hundreds of women victims of Gukurahundi at St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral in Bulawayo. I record the event at page 151 of my book “The Struggle Continues : 50 years of tyranny in […]

The story behind the ‘compensation’ deal between Mujuru & evicted white farmer Guy Watson-Smith

The Zimbabwean By Violet Gonda 11th October 2016 When Guy Watson-Smith lost his family farm at the height of Zimbabwe’s controversial and often violent land grab, he could scarcely have imagined that one day he would be sitting in the same room with the new, powerful owner of the farm he loved so much. The […]

Cyril Ndebele dies

Newsday By Linda Chinobva 8th October 2016 FORMER Speaker of Parliament and PF Zapu stalwart Cyril Ndebele has died. Ndebele passed on yesterday morning in Bulawayo. The cause of his death could not be ascertained. Zapu deputy national spokesperson Iphithule Maphosa said Ndebele immensely contributed to the growth of the party, both before and after […]