Monthly Archives: June 2016

Zimbabweans shocked by Tsvangirai cancer

News 24 28th June 2016 Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai shocked the nation on Monday with the announcement that he has colon cancer “Get well soon, Save”, “We love you so much” and “I suggest you visit TB Joshua again” – these were some of the online reactions from Zimbabweans to news that Tsvangirai has […]

Video captures heart-stopping bravery of Zim protester

News24 Correspondent 25th June 2016 Harare – Riot police advance across the tiled foyer of a luxury Harare hotel to where a man in a red shirt is waiting. He has dared them to come. With a group of brave – some might say foolhardy protesters – he is speaking out against the profligacy of […]

Anger mounts in Zim after mom is handcuffed in front of kids at police roadblock

News 24 Correspondent 22nd June 2016 Harare – Did overzealous police officers at a checkpoint in Zimbabwe really handcuff a woman in front of her crying children because she objected to being fined over a third number plate sticker? Apparently they did, if a post by popular Zimbabwe Facebook community WhatsApp Harare is to be […]

Coltart’s book: New thinking about Pan-Africanism!

Financial Gazette By Ken Mufuka 16th June 2016 DAVID Coltart is best known for his participation in the exposé of Gukurahundi atro-cities in 1991 in Matabeleland. Though the Roman Catholic, through its Peace and Justice Commission had compiled damning reports, starting in 1983 culminating in a summary of the atrocities in 1987, the hierarchy sat […]

Mugabe’s death, Zimbabwe politicians ready themselves

Daily Maverick By Dr Stuart Doran 13th June 2016 To the casual observer, nothing much seems to have happened in Zimbabwe in recent years: Robert Mugabe, the world’s oldest head of state, remains president and Zanu-PF is still the ruling party more than 35 years after it took power. But there has, in fact, been […]

David Coltart under goes biopsy cancer tests in SA

Bulawayo 24 By Stephen Jakes 6th June 2016 The MDC- secretary for legal affairs David Coltart has said he under went biopsy tests in South Africa to check if he has developed prostate cancer. He said it was important for the public figures to make their health status public saying the situation surrounding P5resident Robert […]