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My Turn – No, We Are Not Looking for White Liberators!

The Herald 30 September 2015 ZANU PF OPINION/propaganda piece By Tichaona Zindoga You just have to marvel at us Zimbabweans! Perhaps it is in our stars, nature, our culture and education, but you cannot miss the creativity and adaptability of the people. The best attribute is the ability to laugh away our misery and troubles […]

Coltart spot-on: Analysts

Southern Eye By Nqobani Ndlovu 29 September 2015 POLITICAL analysts yesterday gave the thumps-up to former Education minister David Coltart’s assertion that white Zimbabweans had an equally crucial role to play in shaping the country’s politics just like other races. In an interview with Southern Eye on Sunday, Coltart spoke strongly against racial discrimination, describing […]

‘Whites have a role in Zimbabwe politics’

Southern Eye By Nqobani Ndlovu 28 September 2015 FORMER Education Minister, David Coltart, has said the white community has a role to play in the country’s politics despite their public ridicule by President Robert Mugabe. In an interview with Southern Eye, Coltart described politicians who always raised the racial card during campaigns as misguided and […]

Zim maintains Africa education flagship tag: UN

Newsday 25 September 2015 Data released by the United Nations (UN) shows that Zimbabwe has the highest, if not the best, ratio of school books per student, a feat achieved despite incredible odds and often controversial methods used by private citizens to make sure children stay in school. The dusty Hatcliffe Extension suburb boasts a […]

Zimbabwean Teachers sing the Blues

Financial Gazette By Tabitha Mutenga 24 September 2015 Teaching is one of those very noble professions that are, unfortunately, losing their prestige. Many of the country’s educators have gone for months without being paid their wages. Those who have had their salaries withdrawn, were victims of a spirited government witch hunt to flush out ghost […]

Bloated Cabinet weighs on Zim

Mail and Guardian By Herbert Moyo 18 September 2015 Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s latest Cabinet reshuffle, his fourth since December, has increased the size of his government to a staggering 66 ministers and their deputies. Analysts described the move as further proof of Mugabe’s preoccupation with costly patronage politics while Zimbabwe is groaning under a […]


Eyewitness News 18 September 2015 Activists say the duty will put the price of books, including school text books, beyond the reach of most. JOHANNESBURG – The education sector and book lovers in Zimbabwe have condemned a decision by President Robert Mugabe’s government to slap a 40 percent import duty on books. Activists say the […]

Zimbabwean Whites Move on Despite Troubled Past

VOA Gibbs Dube 18 September WASHINGTON D.C.— Being white in Zimbabwe has for the past decade been a nightmare for some following an often-violent land reform program that began in 2000, dispossessing them of fertile farming land. Many white Zimbabweans told VOA they still feel like they belong, adding they have never known any other […]

Zimnbabwe Government violates Unesco statutes

Southern Eye By Nqobani Ndlovu 18 September 2015 FORMER Education minister David Coltart has accused the Zanu PF government of violating the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) statutes by charging customs and import duty on textbooks and other reading material. In a statement on Thursday, Coltart, who served as Education minister in […]

Political ‘Aggression’ Against Whites Not Hurting Zimbabwe Race Relations

VOA Gibbs Dube 17 September 2015 WASHINGTON DC— When Zimbabwe came out of a brutal war of liberation in 1980, then Prime Minister Robert Mugabe offered a hand of reconciliation to former white minority colonizers saying oppression by blacks or whites was despicable. Mr. Mugabe called for co-existence between the Rhodesian Front, then led by […]