Statement regarding nomination to stand for election to the Byo East House of Assembly seat

Statement by Senator David Coltart regarding his nomination to stand for election to the Bulawayo East House of Assembly seat

The first step in seeking re-election took place day. My nomination papers to stand for the House of Assembly in the Bulawayo East Constituency were filed and accepted in the nomination court this morning.

The MDC asked me to go back to the House of Assembly (from the Senate) because of certain provisions in the new Constitution. House of Assembly seats are elected by means of a Westminister first-past-the-post system whereas the Senate is elected in terms of Proportional Representation based on votes cast in the House of Assembly. Because I won the Khumalo Senatorial seat (which comprises both Bulawayo East and Central) in 2008 the party felt that I should stand in that area again.

Whilst I would have preferred personally to remain in the Senate I understood the logic of the decision and hence agreed to stand in the House of Assembly.

I am under no illusions about the challenge which awaits me. The MDC lost the Bulawayo East House of Assembly seat to the MDC T by a margin of about 1000 votes in 2008 so there is considerable work to be done if the seat is to be secured.

Fortunately I have a superb team which has stepped forward to assist me again and my campaign will begin in earnest this weekend. If any residents of Bulawayo East would like me to address a house meeting or discuss any issue with me please contact me either through Facebook, Twitter or on 0771288558.

Senator David Coltart
28th June 2013