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Waterborne diseases threaten livelihoods

Newsday 26 April 2011 Jennifer Madongonda (43) shares a seven-roomed house with three other families in the low-income suburb of Budiriro. Seven months ago the municipality cut off their water supply because they could not pay the bill. “Water supplies to this suburb are very erratic. People get running water at most four times a […]

Holiday Lesson Fees Stir Controversy Among Zimbabwe Parents, Officials

VOA By Tatenda Gumbo & Sithandekile Mhlanga 25 April 2011 Education Minister David Coltart said his ministry does not oblige teachers or students to participate in holiday tutoring, adding that such lessons should only be scheduled when parents and teachers agree The Zimbabwean government has warned schools against scheduling mandatory holiday lessons it says are increasingly a way […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-24

I am outraged by the detention this weekend of my friend and Ministerial colleague Moses Mzila Ndlovu. Makes Independence day a farce. #

Senator David Coltart’s letter in reply to the Herald opinion piece

Published in Herald website 23 April 2011 By Senator David Coltart Editor, Re your opinion piece published on the 22 April entitled “Coltart’s anger understandable” It would be useful if you published truth instead of this distorted representation of what I said, and what I stand for. I did not write the New article- that is […]

Coltart’s anger understandable

Herald 22 April 2011 By Farirai Chubvu ‘‘THESE are makers of carrion,” the wary ones said, “do not shelter them. See their eyes, their noses, such are the beaks of all the desert’s predatory birds. We laughed at the fearful ones, gave the askers shelter and watched them unsuspicious, watched them turn in the fecundity […]

Widow of Patrick Nabanyama suing AG

Daily News By Chengetai Zvauya, Staff Writer 20 April 2011 The wife of murdered MDC activist Patrick Nabanyama is suing the Attorney-General Johannes Tomana for refusing to prosecute the six war veterans and Zanu PF members who allegedly kidnapped and killed her husband 11 years ago. Nabanyama’s widow, Patricia wants the attorney-general to immediately start […]

Independence Day a “farce”: Coltart

New 18 April 2011 INDEPENDENCE Day celebrations in the midst of a crackdown on President Robert Mugabe’s opponents are a “farce”, Education Minister David Coltart said on Sunday. Coltart spoke after National Healing Minister Moses Mzila-Ndlovu spent the weekend in jail, charged with undermining the authority of the police. Mzila-Ndlovu was arrested along with […]

Zimbabwe Rising: With Great Opportunity Comes Great Responsibility

The Arcadia Foundation 18 April 2011 We as an international community have a duty in newfound opportunity: we must pay close attention to the booms in present-day Zimbabwe in order for them to respectively blossom in to sustainable pillars of development. We must also accept and address certain realities hindering our ‘getting on-board’. The […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-17

Reckless and unacceptable war talk by an immature and inexperienced South African Cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo rants # Fantastic Masters. But brutal. # Scott slices – will be blow the lead? # Come on Schwartzel for Africa at the Masters! # Schwartzel in the lead on 16th!!!! Go South Africa, go Africa! # Come […]

Coltart’s pronouncements on education good but . . .

Newsday Comment 16 April 2011 Pronouncements by David Coltart, Minister of Education, Arts, Sport and Culture that the Government is putting in place measures to ensure gifted but disadvantaged children are given the chance to complete their education is welcome news. Coltart told members of the House of Assembly this week that every province was […]