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We are the MDC, not MDC-M – Ncube

SW Radio Africa By Violet Gonda November 30, 2009 TRANSCRIPT of interview conducted by Violet Gonda of SW Radio Africa with Welshman Ncube, secretary-general of the Arthur Mutambara-led MDC broadcast on November, 27 2009. Violet Gonda interviews MDC negotiator Welshman Ncube, on the SW RadioAfrica program, HotSeat. GONDA: My guest on the Hot Seat programme […]

Ministry of Education bid for US$ 1 billion allocation in 2010 budget

The Zimbabwean By Paul Ndlovu Monday, 30 November 2009 THE Ministry of Education Arts Sport and Culture is bidding for US $1 billion in next year’s national budget to improve the country’s education system which has been plagued by a myriad of problems. The budget will be presented to Parliament in Harare by the Minister […]

Zimsec’s Loss is Cambridge’s Gain

The Standard By Vusumuzi Sifile 29th November 2009 THOUSANDS of “O” Level and “A” Level students have found solace in the more expensive Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) system after frustration with the perennial bungling by the Zimbabwe Schools Examinations Council (Zimsec). Almost all trust schools and private colleges have for a while been using Cambridge […]

Will Zimbabwe be let back into Commonwealth?

Telegraph By Graham Boynton 28 November 2009 Today in Trinidad the Commonwealth leaders will for the first time in some years discuss whether or not they should allow their delinquent outcast – Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe – back into the 53-member club. That this debate is actually taking place while the 85-year-old Mugabe is still president […]

Biti’s moment in the sun / Coltart is what you get when we make BSAP men custodian of education and sport

The Herald Comment By Mabasa Sasa 28th November 2009 On December 2, 2009, Biti will present his first real budget as a Minister of Finance. While he did stand up in Parliament and announce allocations earlier this year, one can’t really say he presented his own budget. Chinamasa had done the hard bit and he […]

Mugabe: I’m tempted to keep World Cup trophy

New Zimbabwe.Com By Lebo Nkatazo 27th November 2009 ZIMBABWE hosted the World Cup with dance and celebration on Thursday. President Robert Mugabe joked he was tempted to keep the gold trophy which is being paraded in all 53 African countries before its final journey to South Africa, the first African hosts of the World Cup […]

Good Morning Brazil

The Herald By Augustine Hwata 27th November 2009 President Mugabe last night challenged the Warriors to qualify for the 2014 World Cup finals in Brazil as Zimbabwe celebrated the arrival of the iconic World Cup Trophy, on its soil, with a colourful function at the Harare International Airport. The World Cup Trophy is on a […]

Coltart must apologise to ZC

The Herald Editorial 27th November 2009 WHEN controversial Australian journalist Peter Roebuck decided to describe the Zimbabwe Cricket leadership as a bunch of fraudsters, abysmal thugs and nasty creatures — in reports in newspapers Down Under and South Africa — we felt that he was entitled to his opinion, foolish as it might appear. When […]

A Tale Told By A Fool

The Herald By Robson Sharuko 27th November 2009 PETER ROEBUCK — the controversial Australian journalist whose description of the Zimbabwe Cricket leadership a bunch of FRAUDSTERS, ABYSMAL THUGS AND NASTY CREATURES has torched a storm here — struggles to bowl a consistent line, in terms of his analysis, to the extent of bordering on hypocrisy. […]

Who’s the Fraudster now?

Herald 26th November 2009 By Robson Sharuko PETER ROEBUCK — the Australian journalist whose description of the Zimbabwe Cricket leadership as a bunch of FRAUDSTERS, ABYSMAL THUGS AND NASTY CREATURES has torched a severe storm here — has travelled a journey blighted by controversy, including a suspended one-year jail term, for abusing a group of […]