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30 Share one Textbook in Zimbabwe Schools

The Zimbabwe Standard Saturday, 30 May 2009 BY NQOBANI NDLOVU BULAWAYO – An average of 30 pupils share one text book in Zimbabwe’s schools as a result of years of gross under-funding which precipitated the collapse of the country’s once envied education sector, Education minister, Senator David Coltart said last week. Coltart who has appealed […]

Nkomo diverts attention from serious national issues

Zimbabwe Times 31 May 2009 By Jakaya Goremusandu THE debate over remarks by Samuel Sipepa Nkomo suggesting an imaginary theory to slice Zimbabwe into tiny territories is, to put it mildly, based on a puerile and careless intention to divert attention from pressing national issues that urgently require Zimbabwe to rise from its own ashes. […]

British envoy talks of positive changes

Zimbabwe Times May 30, 2009 By Our Correspondent BULAWAYO – The British Ambassador Andrew Pocock has said signs of positive change are now showing in Zimbabwe, prompting Western countries to consider assistance for the country. Western countries have insisted on substantive democratic reforms as a benchmark before they can directly support the coalition government formed […]

Coltart must act on errant schools

The Herald Letters to the Editor 29 May 2009 Harare EDITOR — School development associations have become irrelevant in the context of the interface between parents, the school and Government at large. In fact, it has become pointless attending SDA meetings. For instance, at Prince Edward, the SDA committee decides in its board meetings to […]

Coltart calls on private sector to help with education 28 May 2009 Education Minister David Coltart has called on the private sector to partner the government in rebuilding confidence in the country’s education system. Zimbabwe had one of the best education systems on the continent but standards have plummeted following the exodus of teachers and lecturers for greener pastures. Coltart said 20 000 […]

Schools defy Government directive on fees

The Herald 26 May 2009 Herald Reporters SCHOOL heads from across the country have come under fire from parents for charging fees way above those stipulated by Government. Some schools in areas like Gutu were last week sending students away for non-payment of fees. A visit by The Herald to rural schools like Vumba, Chekure, […]

Returning teachers frustrated By Lizwe Sebatha Tuesday 26 May 2009 BULAWAYO — Only 300 out of 6 000 qualified teachers who had quit the profession but want to return to their old jobs have been able to do so, the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) said Monday. Union secretary general Raymond Majongwe blamed bureaucratic delays at […]

Minister, ambassadors, endorse 530M 2010WC banner

Newsnet Tuesday 26 May 2009 The “Africa Speaks” 530M banner which will be displayed in South Africa during the World Cup received a boost after seventeen ambassadors serving in the country endorsed it, effectively committing ten artists from their respective countries to come and also put their works on their banner. The “Africa Speaks” 530M […]

Unity govt making good progress: Tsvangirai

Zimonline By Own Correspondent Monday 25 May 2009 Zimbabwe’s new unity government reached its 100th day milestone on 22 May 2009. Morgan Tsvangirai, the firebrand former opposition leader, who won the first round of balloting in March 2008 but who subsequently negotiated a government of national unity (GNU) with Robert Mugabe after the latter’s bloody […]

Supa Mandiwanzira’s interviewing skills are disgusting

The Standard SMS page 24 May 2009 Disgusting SUPA Mandiwanzira’s interviewing skills are disgusting, especially when he is interviewing people who are not from Zanu PF. He makes some daft interjections and remarks. His recent interview with Senator David Coltart, the Minister of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture is a clear example. He dulls all […]