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Zimbabwe Police Defy High Court Order

VOA By Peta Thornycroft 26 December 2008 Lawyers representing detained pro-democracy activists and officials of the Movement for Democratic Change say police have refused to release any of those who the Harare High Court ordered freed on Christmas Eve. At least six of the nine who were charged with terrorism and were abducted weeks ago […]

Zimbabwe must change now

The Australian By David Coltart December 24, 2008 ZIMBABWE is in the vortex of a perfect humanitarian storm; an unprecedented convergence of AIDS, poverty, hyperinflation, malnutrition, a regime that does not care and, now, cholera. The humanitarian crisis has its roots in the political crisis. The political agreement signed in September by ZANU-PF and both […]

A Port in Zimbabwe’s Storm

Washington Post By David Coltart Wednesday, December 24, 2008 BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe — There is a perfect humanitarian storm in my country. The threats of AIDS, poverty, hyperinflation and malnutrition, and now cholera, combined with a regime that has given up on its people, add up to an all-but-untenable state of affairs. It is difficult to […]

Reviewing 2008, Zimbabwe’s Troubles, and Saudi Spending

Council for Foreign Relations December 24, 2008 Washington Post o Clear Conscience: In an editorial, the paper writes that the incoming White House counsel finds no problems with how Barack Obama’s staff dealt with Rod Blagojevich, adding that without any indication of impropriety, Obama and his team can put the Blagojevich business behind them. o […]

Human rights threatened

France 24 TV Friday 19 December 2008 By ALEX DUVAL SMITH – CAROLINE DUMAY – GRAHAM WALSH (video) Thirty years since Zimbabwe’s liberation and Robert Mugabe’s regime is still on the same warpath. Today’s enemy is the political opposition, accused of being western puppets. Human rights activists are the regime’s new target. Senator David Coltart, […]

‘Assassination attempt’ on Mugabe henchman

The Independent By Daniel Howden, Africa Correspondent Wednesday, 17 December 2008 The notorious Air Marshal Perence Shiri, who orchestrated the Matabeleland massacres in 1982, is said to have been shot in the arm in an assassination bid. President Robert Mugabe is planning to declare a state of emergency in Zimbabwe, the opposition said yesterday, after […]

Zimbabwe’s humanitarian and political crises need urgent international attention

The crisis in Zimbabwe is getting worse every day. The cholera epidemic is spiralling out of control. Lack of food and famine is increasing in the countryside and according to the UN half of the country’s population of 13.5 million people will need to get food imported to be able to survive. Police brutality is […]

Remaining faithful in a situation of crisis and hopelessness

On Sunday evening the 7th December I spoke at my old church from my University of Cape Town days, Christ Church in Kenilworth, Cape Town, on the topic “Remaining faithful in a situation of crisis and hopelessness”. I was asked to speak by Christ Church’s Minister-in-charge Duncan McLea in the context of the terrible suffering […]

Join the dance – MDC told

ZimOnline By Juma Donke Thursday 11 December 2008 CAPE TOWN – The opposition Movement for Democratic Change has no option but to accept the flawed September 15 power sharing agreement with ZANU PF for it to start reversing the deleterious effects of the humanitarian crisis that is spreading across Zimbabwe. Political commentator John Makumbe on […]

Remaining faithful in a situation of crisis and hopelessness

TRANSCRIPT OF SERMON BY SENATOR DAVID COLTART, CHRISTCHURCH, KENILWORTH, CAPE TOWN : 7TH DECEMBER 2008 “Nevertheless, each one of you should retain the place in life that the Lord assigned to him and to which God has called him. This is the rule I lay down in all the churches. Was a man already circumcised […]