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Not a black and white story

The Guardian By Blessing-Miles Tendi Thursday August 28 2008 Mugabe has always switched his views on race to make political capital, as his enthusiastic welcome of Kirsty Coventry shows “The only white man you can trust is a dead white man.” “Our party must continue to strike fear in the heart of the white man, […]

Zimbabwe opposition wins key post

New York Times By Celia W. Dugger Published: August 26, 2008 JOHANNESBURG: Jubilant opposition legislators in Zimbabwe’s Parliament broke into song and dance on Monday after their candidate won the powerful position of speaker of Parliament, defeating a nominee backed by President Robert Mugabe’s party, ZANU-PF. The victory of the opposition candidate, Lovemore Moyo, by […]

Zimbabwe opposition party wins post of parliament speaker

The Los Angeles Times By Robyn Dixon 26 August 2008 The election of a candidate from the Movement for Democratic Change, or MDC, deals a blow to President Robert Mugabe’s regime. The vote is seen as a key test of who will control parliament. JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA — Zimbabwe’s main opposition party won its first […]

Blow for Robert Mugabe as Morgan Tsvangirai’s man elected Speaker

The Telegraph By Sebastien Berger, Southern Africa Correspondent and Peta Thornycroft in Harare 26 August 2008 Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe suffered a major blow to his attempts to hold on to power when an MP from Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change was elected as speaker of parliament. In a stunning upset Lovemore Moyo, chairman […]

SW Radio Africa Hotseat Transcript – Journalist Violet Gonda interviews Senator David Coltart and political analyst Brian Kagoro

SW Radio Africa Broadcast 15 August 2008 Violet Gonda: We welcome David Coltart who is a newly elected senator for the MDC led by Arthur Mutambara and Brian Kagoro a political analyst, on the programme Hot Seat. Thank you for joining us. Coltart & Kagoro: Thank you Violet. Gonda: Let me start with David. The […]

Politics, the educated elite and related matters

The Zimbabwe Times By Geoffrey Nyarota 14 August 2009 (Published in The Financial Gazette, 2006) ANY Zimbabwean politician who despises those of his compatriots who are less academically inclined or accomplished than him invites the wrath of people who constitute the majority of the electorate. While our country’s adult literacy figures are high by any […]

Revolt looms in Mutambara faction of MDC

The Zimbabwe Independent 15 August 2008 THE Arthur Mutambara led-MDC faces a revolt within its ranks after its leader allegedly agreed on all issues under discussion with President Robert Mugabe during the Sadc-initiated dialogue mediated by South African President Thabo Mbeki. It has emerged that the majority of MPs, senators and supporters in the party […]

Zimbabwe: Mugabe set to keep power amid rumours of breakaway deal

The Guardian By Chris McGreal 14 August 2008 Robert Mugabe will shortly install a new government in Zimbabwe following the collapse of political negotiations with his principal rival, Morgan Tsvangirai, according to the state-run press. But the leader of an opposition faction, Arthur Mutambara, denied claims by Mugabe’s officials that he will join the administration, […]

Africa urgently needs its own Age of Enlightenment By James Shikwati August 13, 2008 “The majority of Africans today are poorer than those who lived in the Stone Age Era,” Prof. Gregory Clark tore into our presentation. A Sydney based think tank, The Center for Independent Studies (CIS) introduced Africa to leading Australian business people and politicians. In a forum dubbed ‘Where […]

‘No deal yet’

The Zimbabwean Guardian Staff reporter Wednesday, 13 August 2008 UNBELIEVABLY, for the positive role he has played in the current political negotiations on Zimbabwe, South African President, Thabo Mbeki’s own position is now expected to come under scrutiny this weekend at a meeting of regional powers! With hot communication lines buzzing throughout the world on […]