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AK 47 – weapon of choice for Mugabe’s thugs

The Zimbabwean Saturday, 31 May 2008 “Instead of being a source of hope to the people, the police have become a threat.” HARARE Deadly AK47 rifles have become the weapon of choice for thugs involved in murder, kidnapping and torture throughout Zimbabwe. Suspiciously, though, the police have not been able to apprehend a single suspect […]

Challenger blasts Mugabe’s rule

The BBC 30th May 2008 Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has described the country under President Robert Mugabe as an “unmitigated embarrassment” to Africa. He said that during 28 years of Mr Mugabe’s rule, services such as education and healthcare had gone from the best in Africa to among the worst. He is standing against […]

MDC upbeat in face of Mugabe’s “campaign of fear”

In the News UK Thursday, 29 May 2008 Robert Mugabe is waging a campaign of violence against the MDC. He is attempting to cling to power in Zimbabwe as pressure for change builds and builds. Robert Mugabe is waging a campaign of intimidation and violence against Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), a senior party […]

Regime coup threat if Mugabe loses poll

The Sydney Morning Herald Robyn Dixon in Johannesburg May 26, 2008 JOHANNESBURG: Zimbabwe hangs in dangerous political limbo: the ruling clique clings to power amid rumours of a coup if the incumbent, Robert Mugabe, loses the presidential run-off. His opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai, far from facing down military hardliners, has returned to Harare after weeks of […]

Zimbabwe Is On A Political Precipice

Intellpuke 24 May 2008 By Robyn Dixon Zimbabwe hangs in a dangerous political limbo: A ruling party clique clings to power amid rumors of a coup if President Robert Mugabe loses the upcoming presidential runoff. His opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai, far from facing down military hard-liners, has been out of the country for weeks, fearing assassination. […]

Mbeki ‘threw toys out of cot’ over Khampepe report

Business Day By Michael Bleby – Writer at Large Wednesday 14 May 2008 NEWS of a second Khampepe report, the analysis Judge Sisi Khampepe wrote with Judge Dikgang Moseneke for President Thabo Mbeki of the skewed 2002 Zimbabwean presidential election and which he has sat on since then, has got a number of people hot […]

Returning for round two

Leader in The Guardian Tuesday May 13 2008 Morgan Tsvangirai was right to decide to return to Zimbabwe to contest the second round runoff. His departure, over a month ago, to lobby the governments of southern Africa was initially a shrewd move, and did much to undermine Thabo Mbeki’s attempts to shield his embattled friend […]

Zimbabwe: With Or Without Re-Run, Mugabe’s Grip On Power Nearing End

The Nation (Nairobi) 5 May 2008 By Kitsepile Nyathi in Harare Even if President Mugabe bludgeons his way into a victory in the runoff he will find governing during a sixth term untenable, warns Zimbabwean opposition legislator and legal expert, Mr David Coltart. He spoke as it finally dawned on election weary Zimbabweans that a […]

Tsvangirai under pressure to fight second poll

The Telegraph By Sebastien Berger in Johannesburg 5 May 2008 Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe’s opposition leader, came under growing pressure yesterday to take part in a second round of the country’s presidential election. His party, the Movement for Democratic Change, insists that Mr Tsvangirai won the vote in March outright and that no run-off is necessary. […]

Embodying Zim’s hope for change

Sunday Independent (SA) By Maureen Isaacson May 04 2008 Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), is not Tom Cruise. Tendai Biti, the MDC secretary-general and one of Zimbabwe’s top lawyers, says Tsvangirai, the former mineworker who looks set to rule Zimbabwe, is no actor, nor is he manipulative in the […]