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In Zimbabwe, population shows restraint

Chicago Tribune Apr 30, 2008 Suspiciously delayed poll results, army trucks fanning out through villages, police ransacking opposition party offices, and reports of torched huts and broken-limbed civilians _ such has been the ugly face of democracy for nearly a decade in Zimbabwe, and by now most political experts have given up asking whether millions […]

Farmer and family currently under seige in Zimbabwe: farm workers are being violently assaulted.

The Zimbabwean 30th April 2008 Wayne Munroe, a farmer in Nymandlovhu (just outside Bulawayo in Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe), has been under siege since early this morning. His property has been encircled by in excess of 100 “war veterans”. He phoned the police in Nymandlovhu to inform them of the problem and was on the phone […]

What Happens If the Opposition Wins?

30 April 2008 By Dumisani O.Nkomo Dumisani Nkomo is the Chief Executive Officer of Habakkuk Trust which a Zimbabwean based information and Advocacy organization. The electoral impasse and political crisis that is currently dogging Zimbabwe could culminate in a number of scenarios, some being desirable, others undesirable but possible and yet others desirable and possible. […]

Zimbabwean senator: Prepare for another vote on Mugabe Tuesday, 29 April 2008 Interview by Thomas Hunter: David Coltart is a senator with the Zimbabwean opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change. He first spoke to Crikey on 8 April, a week after the election. Three weeks on, Mugabe clings to power, with an announcement expected this week on the result of the […]

The sweet smell that precedes spring rains

The sweet smell that precedes spring rains By David Coltart Zimbabwean winters are dry. Between autumn in April and spring in September it does not rain much and by the time it starts warming up the soil is like powder and the velt golden brown. The baking hot days of September and October eventually yield […]

Military “Running” the Country

Institute for War and Peace Reporting By Nonthando Bhebhe in Harare 24 April 2008 Ruling party insiders say President Mugabe is effectively hostage to his security chiefs’ demands for continuity. Officials of the ruling ZANU-PF party say President Robert Mugabe is no longer fully in control, with much of the government’s day-to-day affairs being run […]

Zimbabwe on the Edge – Zimbabwe Election Stalled Aftermath Reflects a Defeated Ruler Unwilling to Relinquish Power

Cutting Edge By Priya Abraham April 21st 2008 To listen to Robert Mugabe’s latest rant on western imperialism, one would think history has not shaken the 84-year-old liberator-turned-dictator of Zimbabwe. “We need to maintain utmost vigilance in the face of vicious British machinations,” he told a crowd of thousands in Harare’s Gwanzura stadium on April […]

Tsvangirai fears capture if he returns to Zimbabwe before poll

The Independent on Sunday By Raymond Whitaker in Bulawayo Sunday, 20 April 2008 Zimbabwe’s opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, the presumed front-runner in the presidential election held three weeks ago, has said he intends to remain out of the country for the time being for fear of being attacked or imprisoned. “It is no use going […]

The dire situation in Zimbabwe

The Boston Globe By Jeff Jacoby Globe Columnist / April 20, 2008 IN RETROSPECT , it was an exercise in naiveté to have imagined that Zimbabwe’s brutal strongman, Robert Mugabe, would relinquish power just because he had lost an election. It has been more than three weeks since the March 29 vote in which Mugabe’s […]

MUGABE’S WANING CLOUT – Military Leaders Making the Decisions in Zimbabwe

Washington Post Foreign Service Wednesday, April 16, 2008 JOHANNESBURG, April 15 — Zimbabwe’s military has taken day-to-day control of key elements of the national government, limiting the authority of President Robert Mugabe as he struggles to maintain power after 28 years, according to senior government sources, Western diplomats and analysts. Mugabe’s clout has diminished as […]