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An anxious wait – The delay in announcing Zimbabwe’s election results worsens an already fraught situation. The country is holding its breath

THe Zimbabwean By Wilf Mbanga March 31, 2008 6:30 PM | Printable version I was apprehensive before the poll. I’m apprehensive now. I find it very disturbing that the Zimbabwe electoral commission (ZEC) has chosen to withhold the results of the elections for so long. This is keeping people in suspense and fuelling the rumour […]

Election results round-up

The Zimbabwean Sunday, 30 March 2008 15:03 Election results round-up. HARARE – Zimbabwe ’s main opposition party has made historic gains in the country’s most hotly contested general election since independence 28 years ago, with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai clinching 67 percent of the total ballots counted so far, according to unofficial results released Monday. […]

A Decade of Suffering in Zimbabwe: Economic Collapse and Political Repression under Robert Mugabe

Executive Summary On March 29, 2008, Zimbabwe will hold presidential and parliamentary elections. Few people believe that they will be free and fair or that Robert Mugabe and his Zimbabwe African National Union– Patriotic Front party will fail to return to office. That is a tragedy, because Mugabe and his cronies are chiefly responsible for […]

Letter to the voters of Khumalo Senatorial Constituency March 2008

Dear Voter in the Khumalo Senatorial Constituency, On the 29th March 2008 you have the chance to change the course of Zimbabwean history for the better. Zimbabwe is in such a terrible state that we do not have the luxury of making a mistake. Another 5 years of Zanu PF rule will completely destroy Zimbabwe. […]

Mugabe’s Last Stand

Newsweek A former close ally may offer the best chance yet of toppling Zimbabwe’s dictator at the ballot box. ‘A Gorbachev Type’: Makoni’s candidacy is evidence that the system is fracturing from within By Scott Johnson | NEWSWEEK Mar 31, 2008 Issue | Updated: 1:33 p.m. ET Mar 22, 2008 Politics is dangerous business in […]

Doubts over presidential run-offs

Zim Standard Sunday, 16 March 2008 THE determination of a winner in next week’s Presidential election has been thrown into uncertainty amid revelations that Section 110 of the Electoral Act contradicts the Second Schedule of the same legislation which outlines how the winner will be determined. This, lawyers said, had the potential to cause confusion […]

Mugabe cannot afford to give up power : Wall Street Journal op-ed

Wall Street Journal By MARIAN L. TUPY and DAVID COLTART March 14, 2008 Zimbabwe’s presidential and parliamentary elections on March 29 are rigged in favor of the incumbent leader Robert Mugabe and his Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front. Much ink has been spilled on the electoral prospects of his two opponents — Morgan Tsvangirai, the […]

Will Morgan Tsvangirai survive a leadership Coup by Simba Makoni?

Zimbabwe Guardian Nancy Nyamhunga – Opinion Wed, 05 Mar 2008 SIMBA Makoni enters opposition politics in Zimbabwe and tells us that he is not standing AGAINST President Mugabe but FOR the presidency. He goes on to insist that despite compromising Zanu PF’s chosen presidential candidate’s position at the polls, he is still Zanu PF. The […]

Cut off the dead hand of a tyrant

The Australian By David Coltart | March 04, 2008 THINK of Zimbabwe and you may have a vision of the majestic Victoria Falls, the breathtaking eastern highlands or the animals of the Hwange. But the more realistic image of Zimbabwe today is of dictator Robert Mugabe and the swollen, beaten faces of opposition leaders and […]

Letter to the Cape Argus published on the 1st March 2008

The Editor Cape Argus, Attention: Mr Chris Whitfield Dear Sir, I have read the letter published in the Cape Argus on the 17th February 2008 written by my friend and colleague Roy Bennett in which he accused Zimbabwean Presidential candidate Simba Makoni of complicity in various crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Mugabe regime because […]