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The Future of Zimbabwe: Prospects for Democracy and Economic Recovery

You can hear my speech at the Heritage Foundation here. —————– Speaker(s): The Honorable David Coltart Shadow Justice Minister and Member of Parliament for Bulawayo South, Republic of Zimbabwe Host(s): Brett D. Schaefer Jay Kingham Fellow in International Regulatory Affairs, The Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, The Heritage Foundation Details: Location: The Heritage Foundation’s Allison […]

Report of a speech given by David Coltart at the Mercatus centre, Washington on Tuesday 29th January 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008 Zimbabwe MP David Coltart Yesterday afternoon the Mercatus Center sponsored some brief remarks by Zimbabwe opposition MP David Coltart (wikipedia entry) who is in Washington trying to gain gain assistance for his beleaguered nation. Mr. Coltart is an interesting character, at least to American eyes: a white Zimbabwean, a former supporter […]

Foes accuse Mugabe of forcing early election

Washington Times By David R. Sands January 26, 2008 Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe is expected to win a sixth term during early elections in March — despite ruinous policies that have led to the world’s highest inflation rate, estimated at 50,000 percent. Zimbabwe’s opposition parties will almost certainly take part in elections set for March […]

Let’s Make Informed Choices in Kenya

Business Daily (Nairobi) OPINION 22 January 2008 By Ochieng’ Oreyo A lot has been written about Brand Kenya. I am doing that again. Why? Because I want this country to move from writing to doing something about the idea. My writing is directed at every Kenyan, who I remind this country is our motherland. The […]

South African Leader Pressing Zimbabwe’s Factions to Reach Deal

By Craig Timberg Washington Post Foreign Service Friday, January 18, 2008 JOHANNESBURG, Jan. 17 — South African President Thabo Mbeki traveled to neighboring Zimbabwe on Thursday to pressure leaders to complete negotiations that have brought the government and the opposition to the brink of a deal after years of political stalemate, officials from both countries […]

Mugabe faces presidency rival from own party

The Telegraph By Sebastien Berger and Byron Dziva in Harare Last Updated: 2:28am GMT 16/01/2008 Robert Mugabe is to face a challenge from within his own Zanu-PF party at a presidential election in March. It is the greatest threat to his rule since he came to power almost 30 years ago. Mr Mugabe was unanimously […]

African oppositions’ greatest challenge

The Age, Australia David Coltart January 15, 2008 Oppositions should continue to use the rule of law in their struggles. KENYA’S opposition must challenge disputed election results in the courts if it wants to strengthen democracy, weaken autocracy and defuse violence. Even in Zimbabwe this has shown our citizens and the world that there is […]

Zimbabwe Law Reforms Go Ahead

VOA By Peta Thornycroft 14 January 2008 As of last Friday, Zimbabwean citizens who are also journalists no longer need accreditation or a license to work in their profession. Peta Thornycroft reports for VOA that a number of amendments to existing security, media and electoral regulations have become law. The laws that published last Friday […]

Bulawayo South Constituency – January 2008 Newsletter

10th January 2008 Dear Friends, There can be no strong economy without democracy Since being elected by you in June 2000 if I have had one consistent message it has been that we will not restore and develop Zimbabwe’s economy unless we turn Zimbabwe into a genuinely democratic state. Indeed I have been saying this […]

A Review by Joshua Hammer of Peter Godwin’s “When a Crocodile Eats the Sun: A Memoir of Africa”

The New York Review of Books Monday 7th January 2008 In the Pit of Africa A Review by Joshua Hammer At the beginning of Peter Godwin’s enthralling memoir, When a Crocodile Eats the Sun, the author, a foreign correspondent living in New York City, returns home to the bush of Zimbabwe, back to the town […]