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Zimbabwe Crisis Talks On Hold; Debate Over Amendments Continues

VOA By Blessing Zulu and Carole Gombakomba Washington 21 December 2007 Interview With Glen Mpani Listen to Interview With Glen Mpani Discussion With Abel Chikomo and David Coltart Listen to Discussion With Abel Chikomo and David Coltart Zimbabwean ruling party and opposition negotiators engaged in crisis resolution talks who were expected to resume their discussions […]

Zimbabwe announces reform plan – The opposition calls changes to security and media laws that will be enacted before elections ‘an elaborate facade.’

By Robyn Dixon, Los Angeles Times December 18, 2007 POLOKWANE, SOUTH AFRICA — With a presidential election scheduled for March, the Zimbabwean government Monday announced changes to security and media laws that it has used in the past to suppress demonstrations and close independent newspapers. Analysts quickly countered that the measures would not ensure a […]

MDC denies deal as laws are softened

The Star December 17, 2007 By Peta Thornycroft Lusaka – Although Zimbabwe’s repressive media and public assembly laws were set to be profoundly reformed in parliament, a political agreement between Zanu-PF and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change has not been agreed. It may never be agreed unless President Robert Mugabe delays elections way beyond […]

Opponents fear summit coup by world’s ‘wiliest leader’

The Times December 3, 2007 By Martin Fletcher Robert Mugabe is “probably the cleverest politician in the world”, a European diplomat conceded. A prominent opponent of the President of Zimbabwe said: “If he was a chess player he would be a grand-master, if not a world champion.” The great fear among many of Mr Mugabe’s […]

The horror of a stricken nation waiting to die

From The Times December 1, 2007 By Martin Fletcher As the people of Zimbabwe are ground down by poverty and brutality, Robert Mugabe is offered a welcome at the international table We knew Sarudzai Gumbo was still sick, but nothing prepared us for what we found. The seven-year-old was lying alone and neglected in a […]