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Zimbabwe: Crisis Talks Resume in South Africa

SW Radio Africa (London) 31 October 2007 By Tichaona Sibanda The SADC led mediation talks on Zimbabwe resumed in Pretoria on Wednesday after a month long break. The talks, which are already behind schedule on several fronts, missed Tuesday’s key deadline for agreement on a broad framework for free and fair elections. A source told […]

Cemeteries in Zimbabwe Reflect Gravity of Crisis

By VOA News Bulawayo, Zimbabwe 22 October 2007 The cemeteries of Zimbabwe are filled these days with fresh graves, many of the smallest mounds covering some of what was the southern African nation’s future. An opposition leader says the acres of freshly dug graves are evidence of the ruin President Robert Mugabe has left Zimbabwe. […]

Zimbabwe Tourists Flood to Victoria Falls, Shun Other Sites

By VOA News Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe 20 October 2007 Blessed with natural beauty, Zimbabwe was once a destination for thousands of world travelers. Amid an economic and humanitarian crisis, tourism in the southern African nation is at an all time low — except at The Victoria Falls. There, the government shields tourists from the privation […]

Activists in Zimbabwe Suffer Arrests, Beatings

By VOA News Bulawayo, Zimbabwe 19 October 2007 The southern African Nation of Zimbabwe is suffering from massive inflation, rampant poverty and a 90 percent unemployment rate. But when people try to speak out against the situation and the current government under President Robert Mugabe, they say they are subjected to harassment, arrest and even […]

Rare Video Inside Zimbabwe Shows Impact of Hyperinflation, Food Shortages

By VOA News Bulawayo, Zimbabwe 18 October 2007 We bring you a rare look inside the troubled southern African nation of Zimbabwe. Today, this nation of between 10 million and 12 million is teetering on the edge of what a member of its own parliament is calling “the world’s gravest humanitarian crisis.” But few outside […]

Understanding the Zimbabwean crisis: A first step in planning its recovery

By David Coltart The sudden and dramatic collapse of Zimbabwe in the last decade has perplexed many in the international community. Furthermore the seemingly intractable nature of the crisis has caused some to believe that Zimbabwe is doomed to become a failed state in Africa. How can it be that a country, which in the […]

Statement re Professor Kader Asmal’s statement in Cape Town 4 October 2007

Statement by David Coltart Professor Asmal’s statement (attached below)is one of the most important to come out of South Africa in the last decade since Zimbabwe began its slide into chaos. It gives the lie once and for all to the notion that there is no crisis or that it is the result of western […]