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Bulawayo could shut down soon

Independent Online 29 September 2007 Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second city and a stronghold of the political opposition, is literally drying up. If the summer rains don’t come early, it may do so. One million people there only have water once every three days – at best. Some are going for more than a week without water […]

Mugabe was meant to be a saviour

Sunday Telegraph 23 September 2007 By Graham Boynton I spoke to old friends in Zimbabwe this weekend. They sounded pleased with themselves, mainly because they’d managed to scavenge 25 chickens and a bottle of Teacher’s whisky from some unnamed connection.They’d shared the chickens among friends and, having had a few shots of Scotch, were barbecuing […]

Opposition split over Brown’s boycott

The Sunday Telegraph 23rd September 2007 By Stephen Bevan Zimbabwe’s already fractured opposition is further divided over the wisdom of Gordon Brown’s threat to boycott the forthcoming European Union Africa summit if Robert Mugabe attends. Some said it played into the hands of the Zimbabwean president, as he would portray himself as standing up to […]

Protesters take on Mugabe’s thugs

The Sunday Times September 23, 2007 Christina Lamb A Harare taxi driver, Tafadzwa Nyatsanga, was negotiating fares with passengers outside an agricultural show when a policeman arrived and demanded to be taken somewhere for a fare of just Z$50,000, about 10p. When Nyatsanga refused, pointing out that other people had been queuing for hours, the […]

A Matter for Debate – Has Britain failed Zimbabwe?

The Spectator LLOYD EVANS WEDNESDAY, 19TH SEPTEMBER 2007 Lloyd Evans reports from the inaugural Spectator / Intelligence Squared debate and finds that he is still undecided on the question of whether or not Britain has failed Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe – last in the dictionary and too often last on the agenda. The new season of Intelligence […]

Zimbabwe ‘close to collapse’

ABC By Desmond Kwande of AFP 18th September 2007 With inflation at 7,500 per cent, Zimbabwe’s supermarkets have run out of food. The latest report from the International Crisis Group has found Zimbabwe is close to complete collapse with four out of five people living below the poverty line and inflation running at 7,500 per […]

Zimbabwe humanitarian crisis is world’s worst

By Jeremy Lovell LONDON, Sept 17 (Reuters) The humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe has become the world’s worst but is still largely ignored by the international community, a member of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) said on Monday. David Coltart, one of Zimbabwe’s leading white politicians and member of parliament for a mainly black […]

David Coltart’s Blog 16 September 2007

I have decided that I need to write a short blog periodically which will be designed to convey some of my more personal thoughts. To that extent it will not be confined solely to political issues. I hope you enjoy it and give me feedback. David Bulawayo 16 September 2007

Parched city is forced to drink sewage while Mugabe ‘plays a political game’

The Times (UK), 15 September 2007 Jan Raath in Bulawayo It did not smell too bad and her family had not become sick, even after drinking it for the past two months. “Some people say it is sewage, but they may be making it up,” she said as she heaved a 25 litre drum up […]

Zimbabwe debate in London on 19 September 2007

Join us in the great Intelligence2 debate By Matthew d’Ancona of The Spectator Civilised debate is the essence of The Spectator: it is what animated ‘the little Committee of Politicks’ that Joseph Addison encountered in the St James’s Coffee-house and described in the magazine in March 1711. Three centuries on, it is the desire for […]