Monthly Archives: March 2007

Transcript of an interview with Lateline (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Tony Jones talks to Opposition MP in Zimbabwe, David Coltart, about the arrest of and attack on Opposition members following a demonstration. Transcript: Broadcast: 13/03/2007 TONY JONES: Those of you who follow the Zimbabwe story on this program over time will recall Zimbabwean MP David Coltart, he’s a member of the Movement for Democratic Change […]

Statement regarding the unlawful detention, denial of access and torture of Save Zimbabwe leaders and activists

The MDC expresses its deep concern and outrage regarding the events of the last few days in which political leaders, civic leaders and supporters have been arrested, tortured and denied access to lawyers and medical treatment. The murder by state agents of Gift Tandare marks another very disturbing development and is condemned. It is important […]

Transcript of ‘Hot Seat’ Interview with David Coltart, Raymond Majongwe, and Arnold Tsunga

This is a two-part transcript of a SW Radio Africa Hotseat Interview between ‘Hot Seat’ journalist Violet Gonda, and Raymond Majongwe of the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe, David Coltart of the Mutambara MDC, and lawyer Arnold Tsunga Part 1: Broadcast 20 February 2007 Violet Gonda: Zimbabwe has been witnessing a wave of strikes by […]