Monthly Archives: January 2007

Breaking the impasse in Zimbabwe

A plea for action on Zimbabwe by South Africa and Germany by David Coltart The current situation In his book Development as Freedom, the Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen stresses the causal connection between democracy and the absence of famine. He makes the point that there has never been a famine in the recorded history […]

Mugabe blamed for justice collapse

The Daily Telegraph 19th January 2007 By Peta Thornycroft in Harare President Robert Mugabe: Increasingly repressive Zimbabwe’s justice system, once considered a model for the rest of Africa, has collapsed after being starved of funds by President Robert Mugabe’s government, one of the country’s most senior judges has claimed. In an unprecedented attack on the […]

Statement regarding the Judge President’s remarks made at the opening of the High Court 15th January 2007

The Judge President, Justice Makarau, in her address to the opening of the High Court on the 15th January 2007, has correctly stated that normally Judges should not complain publicly regarding their conditions of service, but that she has to because their conditions, and the conditions of all those involved in the justice system, are […]

Statement regarding Supreme Court challenge against Constitutional Amendment 17

Heads of argument (attached below) were filed in the High Court of Zimbabwe this morning by lawyers representing Mike Campbell (Pvt) Ltd (a Zimbabwean farming company) in a Supreme Court application in which the constitutionality of Amendment 17 to the Zimbabwean Constitution is challenged. Whilst this is a private initiative, and I should stress the […]