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HOT SEAT: Part I – Coltart says: Mutambara faction is still viable

With Violet Gonda SW Radio Africa VIOLET: Welcome to you Mr Coltart. COLTART: Good evening Violet, it’s nice to be with you. VIOLET: Thank you. Now let’s start with your efforts to try and broker peace between the two factions of the MDC, where are you with this? COLTART: Since the split started on the […]

Zimbabwe Independent – Muckraker

Keywords: Zimbabwe Independent Muckraker Finally, we were rather amused by a story in the Sunday Mail’s business section. It proclaimed that Zimbabwe was back in ARSO and had even attended an ARSO meeting in Cairo last month. The meeting was hosted by Egyptian ARSOs. In case you are wondering, ARSO stands for the African Organisation […]

Probe team vindicates MDC claim

The Independent THE MDC team that inspected the disputed 2002 presidential poll has produced a report alleging that at least 490 000 fraudulent votes were stuffed into ballot boxes to give President Robert Mugabe his fifth term in office. In an interview on Tuesday, the party’s former secretary for legal affairs, David Coltart, said: “After […]

Zimbabwe: Coltart Gives Tsvangirai Ultimatum

Zimbabwe Independent – Clemence Manyukwe MDC MP David Coltart, who is trying to play arbiter in the party’s feud, has given anti-senate president Morgan Tsvangirai a deadline to respond to his proposals to negotiate the party’s formal split. The rival faction led by Arthur Mutambara has given the nod to Coltart to work out a […]

A plea for non violent action

This letter was sent today to senior leaders of both factions of the MDC: Dear Friends, As you know I have been trying to broker peace between the two factions of the MDC since the 12th October 2005. I know that some of you are skeptical about this and about my ability to play this […]

Mutambara is already messing up big time

Zimbabwe Standard Letter to the Editor I AM disturbed by the antics of Arthur Mutambara. In the few weeks he has been in mainstream politics, Mutambara has already messed up big time. This is surprising coming from someone who is very educated. Maybe this is proof that true leadership is not based on intellectual prowess […]

Letter to Morgan Tsvangirai

Dear Morgan, Reference: Proposal to broker an amicable divorce. I refer to my letter addressed to you dated the 20th February 2006 which was hand delivered to you on the 22nd February 2006. This letter is being hand delivered to you on the 9th April 2006 by kind favour of Eddie Cross. As you know […]

MDC factions lock horns in Budiriro

Zimbabwe Independent Both MDC factions are set to face off in the Budiriro by-election following indications that they will field rival candidates for the poll slated for May 20, in clear evidence that their split is final. The fielding of competing candidates by the two factions is most likely to split the opposition vote in […]

MDC reconciliation chances ‘very minimal’ – Coltart

New Zimbabwe Movement for Democratic Change peace maker David Coltart has said that chances of a reconciliation between the party’s feuding factions are now “very minimal” following the latest round of legal battles. Coltart had proposed a five-point plan for possible negotiations for reunification or amicable divorce between the feuding parties. In a letters written […]

House of Assembly ratifies UN, African Union conventions

The Herald Herald Reporter THE House of Assembly yesterday ratified the United Nations Convention against Corruption and the African Union Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption which seek to provide a legal framework for curbing the vice at global and regional levels. Minister of State for State Enterprises, Anti-Monopolies and Anti-Corruption Cde Paul Mangwana told […]