Monthly Archives: January 2006

U.S. priorities dictate spread of democracy

Washington Post By Peter Baker WASHINGTON – Sitting in a prison cell halfway around the planet, an Egyptian opposition leader forced President Bush this month to confront the question of how serious he was when he vowed to devote his second term to “ending tyranny in our world.” Ayman Nour, who dared challenge Egypt’s authoritarian […]

EC ambassadors to tour Manicaland

The Herald FIFTEEN ambassadors of the European Union accredited to Zimbabwe and the Head of Delegation of the European Commission are this week visiting EU-funded projects in Manicaland Province. The visit, which is organised by the delegation of the EC, is taking the ambassadors to Rusape, Nyanga and Mutare, where several EU-funded projects are under […]

Now aristocrats will be evicted for living too close to Mugabe

Daily Telegraph (UK) Harare – Owners of property next to President Robert Mugabe’s retirement mansion have received written warning that their houses will be confiscated by the state. The move represents the first time Zimbabwe’s elite, both black and white, have suffered at first hand. Millions of Zimbabweans were affected by last year’s “clearances” of […]

Shoot to kill

Newsweek By Joshua Hammer Inside the hidden links between American big-game hunters and Zimbabwe’s Mugabe dictatorship Jocelyn Chiwenga is not a woman to be taken lightly. The wife of Gen. Constantine Chiwenga, commander-in-chief of Zimbabwe’s armed forces, Mrs. Chiwenga has earned a reputation in her own right as a vicious enforcer for President Robert Mugabe […]

Ncube not a natural

The Zimbabwean EDITOR – In a development that shocked many Zimbabweans a couple of years ago, the State owned daily newspaper, The Herald carried full page headline story which gave the profile of MDC Secretary-General, Professor Welshman Ncube. It was very rare for the state owned media to give positive coverage to anyone in the […]

Zimbabwe judges compromised by Mugabe’s largesse, say lawyers

Zimonline HARARE – Too many of Zimbabwe’s judges and magistrates have benefited from the government’s political largesse that the bench could not be deemed independent, local human rights lawyers and activists said yesterday. The lawyers and activists were reacting to a statement by Judge President Paddington Garwe, when he opened Zimbabwe’s legal year yesterday that […]