Monthly Archives: October 2005

Revisit founding principles or perish

The Zimbabwe Independent By Phillip Pasirayi TAKURA Zhangazha wrote an incisive piece entitled, “MDC: looking beyond leadership crisis”, (The Standard, October 21). In his analysis of the political developments in the MDC, Zhangazha argues that the differences on whether the party must, or must not, participate in the senate elections are symptomatic of a serious […]

MDC endorses poll

The Herald Herald Reporters – NINE out of the 12 MDC provinces have endorsed the forthcoming Senate elections by successfully filing nomination papers in 26 constituencies at the close of the nomination courts yesterday. This has left the ruling Zanu-PF with 19 uncontested seats and its candidates automatically become Senators. The remaining seats are being […]

Senate election casts shadow on MDC

Zimbabwe Independent by: Ray Matikinye THE low-level conflict that emerged from the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)’s national executive council meeting last Wednesday over whether or not to participate in the forthcoming election for a revived senate has cast a long shadow over the party’s ability to forge a united front to fight Zanu PF. […]

Mugabe henchmen ‘used food to win votes’

The Daily Telegraph 18th Oct 2005 By Peta Thornycroft in Harare A Zimbabwe judge has confirmed that President Robert Mugabe’s henchmen bought over opposition members with food in the March general election and threatened hungry peasants with starvation if they failed to back his ruling Zanu PF party. “It was made clear to the villagers […]