Monthly Archives: Feb 2004

The law that Mugabe gave to Deuschle

Muckraker Column – Zimbabwe Independent DEFENCE minister Sydney Sekeramayi has called on defence attachés accredited to Zimbabwe not to engage in local politics but to concentrate on giving military advice. “May I remind you that the world over the defence forces as the most powerful instrument of the state apparatus must be apolitical for they […]

Mugabe’s ‘stealth’ state of emergency

Peta Thornycroft – Harare President Robert Mugabe has issued a decree so draconian that it amounts to a “state of emergency” by stealth, human rights lawyers and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change said yesterday. New laws will extend periods of detention for those accused of both economic and political “crimes” from 48 hours to […]

Zimbabwe has detention without trial: UDM

Sunday Times (South Africa) Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has given himself powers of detention that allow his police to hold opponents of his regime in prison for up a month without legal process on charges of “subversion,” the opposition Movement for Democratic Change said. The state-owned press reported at the weekend reported that sweeping presidential […]

Zimbabwe: opposition very negative

The Third Chamber During discussions in The Third Chamber in 2003 Zimbabwe was often used as a negative example when it came to democracy and good governance. The media were often victim to censorship, elections were manipulated and food relief was used as a political weapon. For the last few months the country has been […]

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