Monthly Archives: June 2003

Report-Back Meeting By The Hon. David Coltart M.P. On 27 June, 2003 (Up-Dated 12 August 2003)

Mr Coltart said that it was a reflection of the state of our “democracy” that the last report-back meeting scheduled to be held in Barham Green had been banned. Two other meetings: one a Christian meeting and the other to be hosted by Bulawayo Dialogue had both been similarly banned. The last six months had […]

Mugabe ‘cannot pay his security forces’

The Daily Telegraph 15th June 2003 By David Harrison in Harare Zimbabwe’s security forces, the front-line enforcers of President Robert Mugabe’s brutal regime, are being paid only a fraction of their salaries as the country’s economic crisis deepens. Many soldiers and police officers, whose loyalty has traditionally been bought with high pay and other perks, […]