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Death threat against MDC candidate

Sapa-Sapa-AFP BULAWAYO — A candidate for Zimbabwe’s opposition Movement for Democratic Change, David Coltart, said yesterday he had been informed of a new death threat against him, apparently linked to his work as a human rights lawyer during the Matabeleland massacres in the 1980s. Coltart, who has been threatened on several occasions during the election […]

Honour in Harare

The Daily Telegraph 21st Jun 2000 Anonymous THREE days remain before Zimbabweans vote in a general election after a campaign which has been both a disgrace and an honour to their country. The disgrace falls on President Robert Mugabe and Zanu-PF. They have conducted a wicked war of intimidation against their opponents, from white farmers […]

Britain must take lead against Mugabe

Daily Telegraph Letter to the Daily Telegraph 12 June 2000 SIR – David Coltart’s article on Zimbabwe (opinion, June 6) made heartening – and depressing – reading. As the effect of the remorseless ratchet of Robert Mugabe’s subversive policies pervades life there, so the will of the international community to influence events seems to evaporate. […]

David Coltart

MDC Legal Affairs Dedicated Human Rights activist David Coltart was born in Gweru in 1957. He is committed to Zimbabwe and Bulawayo, a city he has lived in for many years and where his three children attend school. He is the candidate for Bulawayo South. Coltart notes: “Zimbabwe’s economy has collapsed because ZANU-(PF) is violent […]

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