Monthly Archives: April 2000

Report on Martin Olds’ Murder

The Telegraph By David Blair  19 April 2000 A SCORCHED and bullet-scarred farmhouse showed the struggle mounted by a white Zimbabwean farmer during a two-hour siege yesterday before he was killed by 70 armed attackers. Martin Olds, 43, died after gunmen launched a dawn raid on his home at Compensation Farm in Matabeleland, 400 miles […]

Mugabe declares war on country’s white farmers

The Independent By Rupert Cornwell Wednesday, 19 April 2000 Britain accuses Harare of reviving the racism of colonial Rhodesia as President says war veterans are justified in their attacks Robert Mugabe in effect declared war on his country’s white farmers last night, branding them “enemies of Zimbabwe” and blaming their intransigence for the spate of […]